Reed Society for the Sacred Arts
Reed Society for the Sacred Arts



The Reed Society for the Sacred Arts believes that art is born through a combination of inspiration, discipline, and a teacher who ignites a light in his/her students. The journey of an individual through the mastery of an art form should be appreciated in addition to any tangible products of it. 

Treasures are forgotten because people simply look at or listen to a piece that seems pleasing to their senses without recognizing the skills and inspiration, or lack of, behind it. We wish to shed light on the processes and inner-workings of sacred arts as what gives them value.

Art cannot be called "sacred" just because the subject is "religious"; its formal execution must also echo spirituality. This is our hope here at RSSA, for individuals growing up in the United States and beyond to be exposed to the art forms that have flourished for centuries founded on a science of subtleties. Sacred arts are relevant and it is time to allow beauty to be a core value again in society. 

The paradigm shift: instead of thinking of just the art as a product, we need to see how artists are also the product and that their art is just the fruit or manifestation of internal transformation in the sacred arts.