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Reed Society for the Sacred Arts

Art of aleppo

Preserving Syrian Art and Music

Nine years after the war broke out in Syria, millions of Syrians have been displaced throughout the world. Through the talent of Amar Chebib, Jason Hamacher, and Samir Ali, Reed Society for the Sacred Arts aims to spread awareness of Syria’s spiritual and cultural riches and shed light on the perseverance of the Syrian people in wake of one of the greatest humanitarian crisies of the twenty-first century.

Wajd: Songs of Separation

In the wake of unimaginable loss, three Syrian refugees turn to their love of Sufi music. Over five years, we witness the struggles of Ibrahim, Abdulwahed, and Mohamed as they face their traumatic past. Forced to rebuild their lives in exile, they turn to their love of music to help them find meaning in the aftermath of destruction and atrocity. Intimate footage of their daily lives weaves together with bittersweet musical performances, extremely rare Sufi ceremonies, and poetic imagery of a pre-war Syria that no longer exists. What unfolds is a cinematic meditation on loss, yearning, and faith.

(Director) Amar Chebib crafts a constellation of experience where narrative time oscillates between the sweeping, rare footage of pre-war Syria’s cultural majesty and into present-day formations of refugee life.
— Arab Film & Media Institute

Amar Chebib

the filmmaker


Samir Ali

the musician


Jason Hamacher

the photographer